Meiosis and Mitosis

The main diference is that meiosis is a type of cellular reproduction in which the number of chromosomes are reduced by half through the separation of Homologous in a deploid cell.Mitosis is a proses of asexual reproduction in which the cell divide into two producig a replica with an equal number of chromosomes in Haploid daugheter cells. Meiosis produces four haploid cells and Mitosis produces two diploid daughter cells. Both are similar because they both are proseses of reproduction. Mitosis starts with 1 cell 46 cromosomes and ends with 2 cells each with 46 cromosomes. Instead Meiosis starts with 1 cell 46 cromosomes and ends with 4 cells each with 23 chromosomes. Mitosis has 4 proseses and Meiosis has 8 proseses.The proseses of mitosis are Prophase ,Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase. In Meiosis the proseses are Prophase1, Metaphase1, Anaphase1,Telophase1,Prophase2,Metaphase2,Anaphase2 and Telophase2.Mitosis is a proses of asexual reproduction and Meiosis is a proses of reproduction sexual reproduction one of humans, animals etc… and the other one from cellular organisems.

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  1. Not bad, but not perfect! You introduce words like diploid and haploid but you don’t explain what they mean so I take it you don’t know. At the beginning you use these words incorrectly and make sentences that aren’t true. You also talk about chromosome number only as it relates to humans. These processes take place in all living things with very different numbers. Overall I think you understand the basics of the two so it is good work. Assessment 3

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